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IAmTheBooth interview with Lucchi4k

IAmTheBooth interview with Lucchi4k Its rare that you come across a artist of this caliber. We are ecstatic to interview the artist behind one of the Best Of 2014 submissions.  We at IATB was fortunate enough to get inside of the mind of Lucchi4k. Listen to the full interview here:   IAmTheBooth: Where are you from, where were you raised, and where have you lived? Lucchi4K: Well, I was born in Canton, ...

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IAmTheBooth Best Of 2014

Best of 2014   We recently wrapped up our first podcast of 2015. During the podcast, we all listed our favorite albums of 2014, and our favorite submissions. Here are the results:       ...

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What happened to IATB?

For those that are wondering what happened to the site, here's the story. IAmTheBooth.com was launched in 2012 with mild success and the site was taken offline in 2013.  The reason the site was taken offline was because of hackers and a really crappy server/host. I wanted to migrate the site and all of its content, but by the time that the site was ready to be migrated it was already compromised.  I didn't ...

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Inside of the Beat Box With: Prentis Brown

Inside of the Beat Box With: Prentis Brown By Justin “Ceph” Mathews   What more of a better way to kick off our “Inside of the Beat Box” segment then with someone as talented as producer and sound engineer, Prentis Brown? When asked to give us the rundown of all of his talents, we were more than impressed. “I’m an illustrator, graphic designer, multimedia artist, film editor and director. I’m also a re ...

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Highlighting and Remembering Nujabes [R.I.P]

Highlighting and Remembering Nujabes   I decided to write this article because I feel as if Nujabes is criminally underrated. For those who that don’t know, Nujabes was a Japanese hip hop producer and DJ that lived from February 7, 1974 – February 26, 2010. On that dreadful day, [Feb.26] Nujabes [Jun Seba] was involved in a car accident while exiting the Shuto Expressway at night. He died at a hospital ...

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